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Creepy Crew is a project based around giving back to the community in more ways than one.


This collection consists of 10,000 unique digital collectibles. Each Creepy Crew NFT is one of a kind (no two will ever be identical) and is generated using over 230 possible hand drawn traits. As with most NFTs created in this fashion, each Creepy Crew has its own rarity. The good news is, no matter the rarity, they all cost the same! Each Creepy Crew NFT is just 0.09 ETH.


A portion of our proceeds from the sale of the collection will go towards providing food to starving children around the world. All children deserve to grow up happy and healthy. We also believe in giving back to our members. Click the button below to check out our roadmap and all of the plans we have for our members as well as more information on the project itself.


Once our minting goes live, you will be able to click the button below to head over to our app and mint your very own Creep Crew NFT! Make sure to follow us on our numerous social media sites to stay up to date on our release. 

If our initial minting is finished and you would still like to get your hands on a Creepy Crew NFT (I mean, who wouldn't?), continue to scroll down for the link to our OpenSea collection.

Head on over to our OpenSea and grab a Creepy Crew NFT.
(Yes, that was supposed to rhyme.)